Teachers' Access to SMART testing
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This website is provided by the DEECD for teachers at Victorian Education Department schools.

A 'smart-test' is a specific mathematics assessment that reveals thinking. These innovative tests, which are accessed through an intelligent on-line environment, provide teachers with an informative diagnosis of their students' conceptual understanding of most of the topics in junior secondary school mathematics. The research-based diagnosis is provided back to teachers immediately. This information is concise enough to be readily useable by teachers, deep enough to make a real difference to lesson content, and is linked to targeted teaching resources.
More information about SMART test system can be found on our research server.

Signing up to the SMART system

If it is your first time, you will need to sign up as a teacher. If you are a teacher in a Victorian state government school sign up here.
If you are a teacher in a Catholic Education Office Melbourne school sign up on the CEOM server.
If you are a teacher anywhere else, you may sign up to use our research server instead.

Here you can read further information (essential for first time participants).

Help & Support FAQs can be viewed here.

Smart-tests accessed from this page should be referenced as: Stacey, K., Price, B., Gvozdenko, E., Steinle, V., & Chick, H. (2011). Specific Mathematics Assessments that Reveal Thinking. Retrieved INSERT YOUR DATE HERE from http://www.smart-test.edu.au/teacher/